Saturday, 11 September 2010

well, hello my lovely readers...
since I don't have any idea to post, so I typed it and posted it at twitter, and one of my followers asked me to write anything 'bout him.. so here it is :)

Rhesa 'ecun' Nurhadi

(I choose this photo because at first time I knew him, he used this photo)

Okay, start from here :
  Actually, I have no idea bout him, but one day, one of my brothers at Hypofam tell an embarrassing story. let's say his name is B, B told me that he embarrassed because he was wrong recognizing someone (ups, I have promised not to tell anyone about the story). and it was Rhesa Nurhadi, a.k.a Ecun.
  As the time pass by, I started to follow his twitter (I am so curious about the story that I have listened), like other teenagers, I started to do "SKSD" with him, and he responded it nicely, so my first impression 'bout him is : he is an easygoing person
  Then we started to joking at twitter, I still don't know much 'bout him, the one thing that I know is he following my brothers (Aldi and Gusty) and Ecun like Beyonce like Gusty do. (isn't it?)
  Oh yea, one more thing, he has 9 different characters inside his soul, and all of them are girls *oops he has one boy character on his soul* --" oh my!! (note me if I'm wrong).

And this is a little bit information about Ecun :

name       :  Rhesa Nurhadi
birth        :  August, 12th 1992
JHS          :  SMP 5 Bandung
SHS         :  SMA 5 Bandung
college     :  Universitas Parahyangan (International Relationship degree)

ahaha that's all what I know about Ecun, hmm.... I think I forget something.... hmmmm.... what was it --" Ow yeaaaa!!! RHESA IS FINALIST OF MOJANG JAJAKA 2009 *ups it was 2008, thanks for the correction* if I'm not mistaken, and he won one of  category (and I don't know what was it)
and dear my lovely readers, if you want to know more about him just follow him at :

ecun is at left
it's ecun :)
ps : ecun maap ye kalo ane sotoy bin marotoy :P hihihi

adios :)

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  1. Rhesa Nurhadi said...
    ahhhh aku malu hahahahha

    note for you:
    first there's one boy soul inside me hahahah
    second i am finalist of mojang jajaka (not jejaka) 2008 (not 2009, there's no moka 2009) and i won 'Kamemeut' category
    third my twitter is @rhsashr not @rhsahr :))
    and the last but not least thank you so much for fulfilling my request hahaha, once again thank you so much :)

    *maaf baru baca :D

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