Saturday, 11 September 2010

well, hello my lovely readers...
since I don't have any idea to post, so I typed it and posted it at twitter, and one of my followers asked me to write anything 'bout him.. so here it is :)

Rhesa 'ecun' Nurhadi

(I choose this photo because at first time I knew him, he used this photo)

Okay, start from here :
  Actually, I have no idea bout him, but one day, one of my brothers at Hypofam tell an embarrassing story. let's say his name is B, B told me that he embarrassed because he was wrong recognizing someone (ups, I have promised not to tell anyone about the story). and it was Rhesa Nurhadi, a.k.a Ecun.
  As the time pass by, I started to follow his twitter (I am so curious about the story that I have listened), like other teenagers, I started to do "SKSD" with him, and he responded it nicely, so my first impression 'bout him is : he is an easygoing person
  Then we started to joking at twitter, I still don't know much 'bout him, the one thing that I know is he following my brothers (Aldi and Gusty) and Ecun like Beyonce like Gusty do. (isn't it?)
  Oh yea, one more thing, he has 9 different characters inside his soul, and all of them are girls *oops he has one boy character on his soul* --" oh my!! (note me if I'm wrong).

And this is a little bit information about Ecun :

name       :  Rhesa Nurhadi
birth        :  August, 12th 1992
JHS          :  SMP 5 Bandung
SHS         :  SMA 5 Bandung
college     :  Universitas Parahyangan (International Relationship degree)

ahaha that's all what I know about Ecun, hmm.... I think I forget something.... hmmmm.... what was it --" Ow yeaaaa!!! RHESA IS FINALIST OF MOJANG JAJAKA 2009 *ups it was 2008, thanks for the correction* if I'm not mistaken, and he won one of  category (and I don't know what was it)
and dear my lovely readers, if you want to know more about him just follow him at :

ecun is at left
it's ecun :)
ps : ecun maap ye kalo ane sotoy bin marotoy :P hihihi

adios :)

Saturday, 4 September 2010

what should I tell ya about this thread, nothing...
but i just want you to know, that there was a man who used to replace Gebin in my heart.
at first time I saw him, nothing special about him
then we met up again at the second time, he picked me up and sent me back home, how sweet...
and that was my second impression bout him...
at the third and on, he made me so impressed by his calmness
we kept contact by short message service, facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger and so on.
I told everything to him, about my silly experiences, my love live, and so on
as the time pass by, I couldn't deny my heart that he stole a piece of my heart.
so at 12th of June 2010, at his car, I told him that I like him
it's the first time I told the truth that I like someone.

after that moment, we're still keep contact, but not long after it, he started to show his uncomfortable, he started to kept away from me, and I started to jealous.
and now, i don't want to know him at all. no, I'm not hating him, but I prefer not to contact him anymore, I'm afraid that I have to cry over night just because thinking of him.

So, dear Novandra Adi , I don't know what will be happen tomorrow, but on this time, I choose this way, sorry if I'm hurting you :) I have to cure my previous cut-hearted, and good luck on your job and college, and for this time, I missed you so damn actually :')


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