Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hello my lovely readers :)
glad to meet you again :)

today I want to introduce you to my lovely Idol, and he is 


His first debute is become the participant of Indonesian Idol session 3. He sang 'flying without wings' which populared by Westlife. He could make the jugdes dazzling by his beautiful voice. 

Then he went through big 12 in spectacullar show.

At the first show he got bad comments from the judges, but  it was not make him give up. By the bad comments, he learned  more and more, until at the seventh show when he sang "Kisah Cintaku" the judges were proud of him. and He became the Grand finalist against Ihsan Tarore. 

Unfortunately he was lose and become the runner up of Indonesian Idol session 3.

I really love him since the first time I saw him in television, when he was in audition room, sang the "flying without wings" song. I was soooooooooooo melted when I heard his voice.

 and this is the song list that sang by Dirly :)

I really love him, especially when he sang Kisah Cintaku, Flying Without Wings, Everything I Do, I Do It For You, Akhir Cerita Cinta, Akhir Rasa Ini, and Kemenangan Hati (dirly version).

He was playing some 'electronic-cinema' which is :

  • Mak Comblang
  • Idola
  • Olivia
  • Jelita
  • Nikita
  • Cinta dan Anugerah
He also playing in the big screen titled :

"The Shaman"

 Here is little bit about Dearly :

Nama : Dearly Dave Sompie

Nama Panggilan : Dirly

TTL : Tomohon, 10 Desember 1989

Agama : Kristen Advent

Tinggi / berat badan : 171cm / 65 kg

Hobi : Olahraga, nyanyi.

Makanan favorit : Nasi goreng

Warna favorit : Kuning, hijau.

Even I never ever meet him , but I believe that someday I will met him, and I will tell him that I really love him. 

Hei Dearly, I am your HUGE fans, I adore you forever :)

and the last but not least, I really want if I got birthday greeting from him :)

please readers who read this post, can you make my wish come true???

oh my God... look at his eyes :')

heart you all



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